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What is PVD?

Time: 2016-06-18

What is PVD?


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) (Also KnownAs Thin Film Deposition) Vacuum coating  process of vaporizing a solidmetal to a plasma of atoms or molecules, vapor that can be deposited as a highperformance coating on wide variety of substrates.


PVD is an environmentally friendly processthat provides brilliant and durable decorative finishes on householdappliances, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, automotive trim, marine fittings,casino, outdoor, sporting equipment, medical instruments, indoor/outdoorlighting, architectural elements and much more.


PVD Coatings Advantages Include:

1.Largest coating zones currently availableso we can coat large complex shapes or large volumes of small components.

2.Flexibility to coat a variety ofsubstrate materials is extremely advantageous, particularly heat sensitivematerials like plastic or zinc.

3.Sophisticated equipment provide preciseprocess control and computer graphic interface to ensure consistent finish frombatch to batch.

4.Ability to Deposit a variety of metalsincluding Zirconium (ZrN, ZrCN),  Chromium (CrN,CrCN), and Titanium (TiN, TiCN, TiZrN).


Mixing high purity gases used during theprocess we obtain specific colors combining the benefits of a decorative finishwith excellent wear and corrosion resistance. This thin film provides aprotective skin on your product enhancing the visual and functionalperformance. The PVD coating thickness results between 0.25 microns and 5microns.


PVD process is very competitive withalternative technologies like

E-coating, Powder Coating andElectroplating. Any material electroplated with Nickel/Chrome or StainlessSteel best support PVD Coatings. The most common chrome plated materials areBrass, Zinc, Steel, Aluminum and ABS plastic. PVD will not dull or enhance theappearance of your product. Polished or mirror surfaces are used to produce PVDpolished finishes and brushed or satin surfaces to produce brushed or satin PVDfinishes.

Also, PVD Coating will not level or filllike an electroplated finish so surface imperfections will still be visibleafter the coating process. For example PVD will not fill pin holes or dents,and will not cover scratches on the chrome plating.


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