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2B finish

Time: 2016-06-21

No.2B Finish is a bright cold rolled finishcommonly produced in the same manner as No. 2D, except that the final lightcold rolling pass is done using polished rolls.

This produces a more reflective finish thatresembles a cloudy mirror. Finish reflectivity can vary frommanufacturer-to-manufacturer and coil-to-coil with some coils looking quitemirror-like and others being fairly dull.

No. 2B is a general purpose cold rolledfinish commonly used for all but exceptionally difficult deep drawingapplications. It is more readily polished to high luster than a No. 1 or No. 2Dfinish.


Bakeware, Chemical plant equipment, Dyehouse equipment, Flatware, Laundry and dry cleaning, Paper mill equipment,Pharmaceutical equipment

Plumbing fixtures, Refrigeration, Sewagetreatment, Sheet metal products, Small tanks, Solar collector panels, Vacuumdrum dryers, Waste fuel pool liners, Wheel covers.


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